when: January 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th 2009.
-Streets of the city -Market Ver-o-Peso -Cineclub Corredor Polonês - Belém / Pará


the art of re:volving knowledge logos by practices and disorienting the practices by the immersion in sub-knowledge, from january 21st to 25th 2009, in Belém, Pará.


"A refugge? A belly? A safe place where we can hide when drowing from the rain, or being broken by the cold, or taken away by the wind? We have a splendid past in front of us? To the sailors with desire of wind, the memory is a starting point." Eduardo Galeano

it aims to occupy a live place in the city of Belém, a week previous to the World Social Forum, promoting artistic and multimedia interventions in public spaces with guests coming from all over Brazil.

In the Amazon, especially conflictuous by a historical process of the economy of extractivist basis, natural resources are being devastated to the construction of a progress model, the artificial culture of consume imposes itself over the autoctonous culture generating cultural hibridisms that format the individual from a desensibilization, the hunger exuberates: hunger of food, knowledge and solidarity.

In this hurricane of conflicts, needs and social problematics it is the figure of women, forced to adopt comportamental depreciative patterns in front of society, ending up, in much of the cases, fragilized by the sexist and machist culture that refrain her of acting positively in its professional and personal relations, generating a grave violation of human rights that needs to be overcomed and prevented, we aspire that mena and women can share the fellings about its necessities and difficulties.

The deterioration of the familiar functions follows the transforming of the finantial capital, whose strategy of revitalization is based on sale, on commerce and in the immediate substitution of goods. This principle extends itself to the human race, in a way that substituting someone at a work post, afetivity and interpersonal relations is a vulgar attitude.

How to prevent the violence that emerges from communication channels invading the silence of homes, turning life into a consumer good, not a value?

It is needed to superseed the myths and reformulate the interpersonal relation, activate the dialogue between men and women by the artistuc practice, the poetics of the relations, ocuppy the mediatic space, to re-construct these values. 

In this fashion, the event aims to go beyond the discussion of gender, also reflecting about the formation of families and the histories that come out of the co-llective families, co-laborative, co-munal, co-operative, etc, because mediatic processes generate a convergence between cultural/social facts in a diversity that is fast and inquantifiable between collective movements, comunitary and colaborative that can or nor constitute or destruct families.

By creating a conviviality space between the participants we want thinking women creating spaces of reflection, men cooking and children descovering the spaces of the city (games, activities, objects). Divers creations, expositions and debates occupy the spaces during the day, to converge at night on the cineclub.

By comprehending the imaginary of local and global identities about the feminine universe, thinking and abstract, and the masculine of productiona and execution, we question gender and reknowledge not separating the subject from the object: who forms the minds in Amazônia?

OBJECTIVES: historical appropriation, local narratives, colective imaginaries, cultural discussion of work, of family and tecnology.

To discuss and deepen these questions, lets commemorate Submidialogia#4, conference to be hel in Belém, state of Pará, Brazil. It is for this encounter that we invite you, opening up a call for presentation of *rituals of imaginary celebration* and *permanent expositions of experiences* related to the themes. If it exists a group, a being, a coherent performance or expression of creative discordance in relation to the festival, these can be included at the programme by this call.

"I miss a country that still doesn't exist on the map"

A proposal of integration by debates and sub>midiatic practices.

Submidialogy is a critic multidisciplinar project of art, media and participatory technologies, from which all agents involved - local community, theorics, technicians, artists, activists and the public space - all take part.

The project have been provoking experimental actions that inovate in the field of digital media and new technologies because it truly emerges from colaborative open processes and in constant construction. In this fashion are questioned social, cultural e political configurations, besides the imagined use abiut the existence of technical and aesthetic objects.

By fomenting the dialog between theoryu and practice having as the starting point the conviviality along the day-by-day of the communities and people, at public spaces, we make art, science and gastronomy. Ideas are exchanged, experiences and knowledge, as participants collectively contrict the moments of the festival.

Themes and formats are in permanent construction, but croos areas sich as culture, comunication, resistance, re-signification, media, tecnologia, arts and tactics.

By the realization of different forms of workshops and interactions (debates, espactacles, exibitions, live transmissions, philosofic conviviality, electric shocks and day-by-day interventions), from collecting oral histories and creating visibility mechanisms inside and outside communities, the project aims to equip its participants with resources so that they can talk about its especulations, advanced studies, practices and that reflect, by the creative experience, a little bit about this identity disturbed by the velocity of an economic-social transformation.

In Belém, a week before the World Social Forum, Submidialogy aims to act alongside the hosting event co[MIDIA], exibiting a series of artistic works at public spaces to promote the discussion of a ample debate about the current world (finaltial, alimentary, cultural..) crisis and its roots in the crisis of values of the modern family.

We consider essentil that this discussion is deppened in a unlimited fashion.

Vitória Mario, sub>relate, October 18th 2008


submidialogia#1 (Campinas - SP)

submidialogia#2 (Olinda - PE)

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:::: WHEN & WHERE::::

Belém Pará
21st - 25th January 2009

> Streets of the city
> Market "Ver-o-Peso"
> Corredor Polonês Cineclub


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